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Nordyx Nose Threads

The Nose thread series is specially designed for nose procedures of stereoscopic volume and holding. There are two types of nose thread products (FA type & FG type) that are used depending on the purpose. The basic structure of both types is similar in the means that half of the bent FA type thread goes inside of the blunt cannula. The difference is that the cannula internal thread of the FA type thread is not barbed, whereas the FG type thread has a cog pattern.

Nordyx nose threads come in sizes 19G and 21G and are meant to give the nose definition, volume, and nose tip lifting.

 We use the material PLACL also in our nose threads since this material is much stronger than PDO, and stays longer in the tissue, and gives a longer result that lasts up to 3 times longer compared to PDO threads.

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Nordyx Nose Threads
Nordyx threads are made of PLACL.  PLACL is a combination of Poly-Lactic-Acid and Poly-caprolactone, this combination provides a strong and flexible thread that can withstand being challenged in a humid environment without dissolving. PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are absorbed after 3-7 months in the tissue. PLACL (Polycaprolactone / Lactic Acid) threads are absorbed after 12-18 months in the tissue. Results after a PDO thread treatment last from 6 to 15 months. The result after Nordyx PLACL thread treatment lasts from 2 years to 5 years depending on the gauge /thickness of the Nordyx you choose to work with. Learn more
Nucleofill – The New Bio Stimulator
The unique features of Nucleofill: The product contains high molecular weight polynucleotide chains whose biochemical peculiarities make it highly viscoelastic and capable of binding and orient in space a considerable amount of water molecules, which are primarily retained in the hydrophilic groups level of phosphorylated sugars of the individual nucleotides. Learn more
Nucleofill – The New Bio Stimulator
Age element – Mesoestetic
age element - The professional anti-aging system, inspired by the most advanced medical cosmetic technology! Mesoestetic advances in the understanding of the anti-aging process. Our skin ages over the years. Our inheritance or genetics can explain part of this process. However, over 80% of aging is determined by the environment, lifestyle and emotions. These factors can trigger epigenetic mechanisms to defect our gene's expression and are responsible for our skin's look and appearance. Learn more
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