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What is Nucleofill?

The synergy of 4 types of stimulation:

Skin regeneration.

Cleansing effect on the cells by increasing circulation and blocking  free radicals.

Deep moisturizing effect. 

Firming and contouring.
Nucleofill is a new line of natural Polynucleotide gel with high viscosity for biostimulation, protection and rejuvenation.

The unique features of Nucleofill:

The product contains high molecular weight polynucleotide chains whose biochemical peculiarities make it highly viscoelastic and capable of binding and orient in space a considerable amount of water molecules, which are primarily retained in the hydrophilic groups level of phosphorylated sugars of the individual nucleotides.

Moisturizing effect

The strong moisturizing ability is mainly due to the water retention capabilities of the hydrophilic groups of the phosphorylated sugars of the single nucleotides.  

An “electrostatic sponge” able to guarantee cellular well-being by conferring deep hydration to tissues.

Free radical scavenger effect

The polymeric macromolecules are able to also play an immediate “scavenger” action against free radicals. 

This effect of this polynucleotide gel is possible thanks to the chemical structure capable of blocking free radicals in the nitrogenous ring. 

Moreover, the progressive degradation of polynucleotide molecules by enzymes present in the extracellular environment, free metabolites which, in turn, accentuate the protection activity against free radicals.

Biostimulating effect

The biostimulating effect is given both by the presence of nucleoside structures capable of activating cell membrane receptors and by metabolites that are produced by the enzymatic attack during the degradation process. A slow and continuous effect.

By promoting the metabolic activity of the fibroblastic cells, polynucleotides collaborate to reintegrate into the dermis various fundamental autologous components (glucoseaminoglycans, proteins, glycoproteins, fibrils, etc.) tending to maintain their physiological functionality.
Their repeated administration over time determines: 
– protracted isosmotic hydration of the dermal matrix 

– an anti-radical action 

Both of these effects combine to recreate in the dermal matrix the most favorable physiological conditions for the regeneration and metabolic activity of fibroblasts, with long-lasting biorevitalizing effects.

The maturation of fibroblasts in myofibroblasts and the production of collagen determines a strong specific lifting and revitalizing effect suitable for all skin types.


– Loose skin with poor circulation 

– Dehydrated skin

– Skin submitted to oxidative stress

– Stretch marks

– Scars

– For those who want firming and contouring, more definition

– Biostimulation and increase in collagen type 1.


Nucleofill: a specific mechanism of action for optimal biorevitalization

Polynucleotides activate two types of membrane receptors in fibroblasts:
– Receptor CD39

– Receptor CD40
The activation of these receptors leads to two effects:
– Stimulation of type I collagen production

– Maturation of fibroblasts in myofibroblasts.

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