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age element – The professional anti-aging system, inspired by the most advanced medical cosmetic technology!

Mesoestetic advances in the understanding of the anti-aging process. Our skin ages over the years. Our inheritance or genetics can explain part of this process. However, over 80% of aging is determined by the environment, lifestyle and emotions. These factors can trigger epigenetic mechanisms to defect our gene’s expression and are responsible for our skin’s look and appearance.
Age element is a professional anti-aging system inspired by the most advanced technology. An innovative, customizable, integral treatment with the meso-epigenetic system complex, the smart reactivator of youth mechanisms with proven epigenetic action, and the Age element diagnosis system technology which defines a customized treatment for each client. A five-phase protocol that ensures maximum results from the first session.

Age element diagnosis system defines the professional treatment appropriate for each client, indicating the optimum combination, and recommends the complementary customized home regimen to enhance the professional session results. 

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